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Welcome to the HI-Shifa Clinic


This home based clinic in Snaresbrook is run by husband and wife duo, Hamza and Ishrat. Having studied Traditional Chinese Medicine together at Middlesex University, they set their goal of helping many people experience true health, without suffering the side effects of conventional medicine.

As a HI Shifa Clinic patient you will receive a combination of acupuncture, cupping and nutrition advice along with our time and care to treat your condition. We help you understand the root cause of your condition as well as track your progress so you dont feel left in the dark.

We understand some of the frustrations you might have from your pain stopping you getting a good night’s sleep or how your skin condition affects your confidence and we are here to change that. Our ethos is simple “Every Disease Has a Cure” and we are here to help find yours.


Our Process



We will take an indepth case history, specific to your condition aswell as a general health check to ascertain the root cause of your condition and not just the symptoms.



A clear and holistic diagnosis will be provided allowing us to focus on what caused your condition in the first place.



A bespoke treatment plan will be made as every patient is an individual and needs to be treated as such. This will also include after care so that you can protect yourself from the condition in the future.



We will then proceed with your treatment which can take up to an hour using what is appropriate from Acupuncture, Cupping and Nutrition advice.


Acupuncture is the perfect intervention that allows us to modify and alter the body to optimize healing. From relaxing tight/stiff muscles to increasing blood flow to a particular area. Acupuncture can get deep in to the crevasses of the body and treat a wide variety of conditions leaving you happy and healthy.


Hijama is an effective detox focusing on the circulatory system. Patients usually feel alot lighter and fresher in the body. Dry cupping is for those who would not benefit from a detoxifing treatment and actully need a gentle alternative. It is still great for improving circulation and aches and pains.



Food is one of the most powerful and important interventions that has a part to play in the majority of conditions. With so much information/misinformation we are here to help guide you through good practices and healthy eating.


Why work with us?


We not only help treat your condition but teach you some simple yet important tools to prevent it from coming back.


Medicine doesn't need to be bitter sweet, we prefer just sweet. This is why we make our treatments as comfortable as possible so our patients look forward to their visits rather than dreading them.

5 star care and service

We want our patients to have the very best experience and this comes from our therapists passion for their work. This is the type of therapist you want to treat you.

Safe and effective

An amazing way to treat your body without harming it at the same time. No side effects here.

Male and Female Therapists

Comfort in who is treating you is one of our priorities, thus we provide both male and female therapists.

Holistic Approach

Looking at the body in an holistic way allows us to treat not only your symptoms but the cause of those symptoms in the first place. Leaving you healthier for longer.

Conditions we treat

Skin conditions

Eczema, psoriasis, acne and more - The majority of these conditions have a lot to do with your gut health and is usually the focus when treating these conditions.

Mental Health Disorders

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, ptsd and more. These conditions can be some of the most taxing on a person yet most underlooked and we are very happy/proud to be able to help in these areas.

Muscles and Joint Disorders

Treatments are available for soft tissue injuries, chronic pains and aches, atheritis, fractures and more. These conditions are common in people who either exercise too much (or the wrong way) or people who do not exercise enough! We will help you back to full health and give important advice to keep you that way.

Digestive Disorders

Irritable bowl disease, chronic inflammation , bloating and flatulence. Your digestive system is one of the main keys to your overall health which is why we focus on your gut health the most. If this is damaged then the majority of other conditions will be a lot harder to treat as all your energy comes from the food you eat.


We provide a complete medical system. The principles used can translate down to a multitude of symptoms each leading back to their root cause. As well as guidance for juice detoxes, diet and exercise problems to suit your specific needs.


Treatment is provided either stand alone or in conjunction with IVF. We also cover both female and male fertility.

Our Therapists

Ishrat Mahmood, BSc Hons, MBAcC

Ishrat gained a BSc Hons in Traditional Chinese Medicine, during which she completed placements in Whittingdon Hospital Pain Clinic, North Middlesex Hospital, and Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine. Following her studies she travelled to China to further her knowledge. She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. Her main areas of interest are gynecological conditions, particularly infertility. Ishrat’s approach to treatment incorporates nutritional and lifestyle advice with acupuncture and other therapies.

Hamza Rippingale, BSc Hons, MBAcC

After gaining a BSc Honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hamza then went on to do work experience at Wujin Hospital, Changzhou, China. During his training, he worked at North Middlesex Hospital, Whittington Hospital and Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine. He is a member of the British Acupuncture Council. He has also been training in Tai Ji Quan for over 5 years.

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Male Therapist

07726 298 350

Female Therapist

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13 Oakhurst Gardens, Snaresbrook, London E17 3PX